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  1. praise to God,need prayer,i watch people in em.tv being healed n testified the goodness of the LORD may GOD rem me AMEN.

  2. please man of God pray for my daughter Hannah Rich Quisote Delos Reyes, 6months old. She diagnosed with biliary atresia and she is in ICU now with a critical condition please please she need healing. 100% completely healing. in the name of Jesus Christ.

  3. Emmanuel, Emmanuel Man of God Please put in Pray so that i and wife can have a child of our own, Man of God we have being married for 22years now and no child of our own we had one in 2002 and our happiess do not last three months later we lost the bady so please man of God help us we are in tears. We would have come to synogogo but we can not afford. So please we that distance is not burier we will receive the much needed help. GOD BE WITH YOU, Thank you

  4. I’m in south African asking you the man of God for your prayers to pass my Grade 12 with flying colors and get a busary …..

  5. Prophet Tb Joshua, man of God please pray for about salary increase to get changed in my life to be turning around I’m in the situation which I can’t explain it is complicated please man of God pray for me.

  6. Pray for me finance hard ship and my mum20years sick pls this my no 0426129674 in Australia.i need to talk father the houses pls

  7. Praise jesus man of God prophet Tb Joshua,stand with me in prayers to finish my career,lost my job en my dad is incapable to pay my tuition fees.in jesus name I pray,Amen.

  8. I am praying and touching the screen every morning but am still going through the problems please help me,my sins are too much

  9. Please please Snr Prophet TB Joshua pray for me,i have so much debts that i have become a problem in my family that my wife wants to commit suicide on several occasions and she wants to desert me.i have not paid fees to my children,i am earning but all go to debts.am touching the screen every time but am not touched yet i see other peoples’ breakthrough.why not me?i wake up every 12midnight and remain awake till morning even now am already awake 3hours ago.

  10. Prayer request for my daughter Nobuhle who is 7 years, she is in hospital now, doctors think it might be tumor on the right foot ankle, I pray that she may not have any operations or amputated in any way, in Jesus Christ name.

  11. Man of GOD prophet TB Joshua need your prayers to redeem my career which is crumbling now am agraduate but no job just don’t know what to say thank you man of GOD

  12. Good evening Prophet T B Joshua. I am writing from the Gambia. My sister has been sick for more than 5 years now. Now she cannot walk or talk. She is in wheelchair and paralyze. Please help us heal her man of God. She lives in France but right now she is here. I believe that you can heal her by the grace of God.

  13. Please TB Joshua, please help me cure all.my infirmities, fibroids, and infertility problem in the name of Jesus

  14. Man of God pray for my breakthrough ,I have been job less for 16 years now ,restore my life man of God ,I struggle to make a living everything is not well

  15. Pray for me prophet of God please pray that this string of badluck would be delivered from my life as it follows me around for 10yrs of my life. In my faith , work , life , marriage. Pray for me in Jesus name thank you. God bless us all



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    pray for me prophet of god.I need a house to stay with my family.provide us with new life.gve me a money SO that i can provide my family with food.pls help me to wrk normal hours at wrk cause we wrk 24hrs per week. change my life.protect also my family.pray for me .my family in jesus name thank u.god bless us all ways.we luv u

    I’m young lady age of 25 from Namibia a s I m writing this I’m in United kingdom looking for a job and to study please help me with a prayers i need job


    I’m young lady age of 25 from Namibia a s I m writing this I’m in United kingdom looking for a job and to study please help me with a prayers i need job

    thankyou God bless

  21. Pray for my daughter prophet of God she is three years now but she suffering with sickle cell anemia which cause crisis in her body with pain so please help her to be in good situation like another children be.i hope we will receive and she will be be fine in Jesus name.pray for my family also and my unborn baby.thanks you Man of God.

  22. And also pray for good health of my daughter.she needs healing complete healing please help her in Jesus name Ameen.i believe in the name of Jesus.

  23. Hy man of God please pray for I am 23 years old my father don’t want to hear something about me and also my mom I have 2 years old son his father he don’t love me so he decided to take another girl to be his wife over me so please man of God pray for me inthid situation I need a man who can take care of me even if its hard ,I don’t want a married man I want single man please man of God

    A MAN OF GOD SENIOR PROPHET TB JOSHUA please pray for me & my family to have our own residential house in Sebbeta town( Addis Ababa),for GODs mercy & favour, to get breakthrough in our career, health, business, financial breakthrough, marital life,educational breakthrough for all my children & all breakthrough in all my life and my family. MAY ALMIGHT GOD BLESS U, Ur family & Ur ministry ABOUNDINGLY,.

  25. Man and prophet of the Most high God TB. Joshua. i thank God for using you mightly. I ask you to bless me with a baby girl. I see people being blessed by your prayers. I have faith in God.


  27. im masana from south africa pls man of god pray for me to get a job and pray for my uncle his business is up and down pls man of god.

  28. Emmanuel I am asking the man of God tb joshua to pray for Me Eunice Whitmore my husband want to kill me treating me , we are going through a divorce so he want to kill me so please deliver me man of God that he don’t hurt me I know u can do it throughout Jesus Christ I believe in him that he can deliver Me my name is Eunice Whitmore I live in grand Cayman island please me man of God my husband is evil and I am afraid of him thank u man of God

  29. Concrete Johnson she is my daughter who lives in jamaica , she do not have a email address so I am the mother who ask for prayer for her so I used my email address , she is healed and leave the hospital she did have a big foot for many years that is heal draw down small like the other one thank u man of God

  30. My name is Eunice Whitmore I live in the Cayman island , Emmanuel ,I am asking the man of God tb joshua to pray for me for deliverance from my evil husband who is trying to kill me every time he keeps treating me ,we are going through a divorce rite now so he wants to kill me he don’t loves me he only wants to live in my house and have other women calling at nights sending him text messages and naked pictures so from there every thing is going bad I need the man of God to deliver me thank u man of God in Jesus name I am a Christian I love God

  31. Man of God..may you pray for my family limitation.setbacks.no settled homes.financial embarrasment.to much poverty and debts.no money to come to scoan.

  32. Am registered midwife from zambia.pray for me to have my own house and to get married.i work but i dont know where my money goes.financial embarrassment and limitation in career.i want to have my own hospital.in my family especially my sisters there is proper marriages..

    Why Foreign pastors went to examine Scoan Nigeria ?
    Below is a brief extract from the above Internationally esteemed website.
    ” Having watched many miraculous healings on videos from the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Nigeria a group of three New Zealand pastors and four evangelists including myself went to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Nigeria and lived there for nine days and nights. We wanted to satisfy ourselves that T.B. Joshua is a man of God and miracles were in fact taking place.”
    Source from: http://www.doveministries.com/miracle-story/tb-joshua-miracles?A=SearchResult&SearchID=2936886&ObjectID=7343158&ObjectType=35
    What we saw :
    Blind eyes opened, cripples walking and dozens of testimonies from people who had been healed of HIV and other diseases.
    Some of us received healings ourselves.
    Spiritual overview:
    We heard the name of Jesus Christ being continuously uplifted, the Gospel, repentance and salvation being continuously preached and the work of the Holy Spirit honoured.
    After nine days at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations we concluded that T.B. Joshua is indeed a man of God and these are the works of God.
    Group from New Zealand:
    Among our group there were three senior pastors, two evangelists and two men leading major Christian work in New Zealand. Between us we had 180 years of ministry.
    Our conclusion was that this is truly a work of God.

  34. Please man of god me and my husband has separate because of t distance and he is now after two years back to our country we didn’t divorce it was only the distance but like I understand he meet someone that he love in his country I still love my husband I need him back

  35. please man of God Irealy need your help take care of my family, change our life styly

  36. Hello SNR Prophet, May you please pray for my finance status and my job opportunities. I need your assistance in this journey that i am not ending. i am tired of struggling.

  37. AMEN Man of God!I am a single mother who grew up my 3kids through the help of GOD,Man of God i am asking for prayers;i am in debts,my son in prison for 4yrs bail did not go well,sentence 18yrs for robbery 2015 Aug;my bussiness not going so well @ all there is no prosperity,but @ work i listen&watch your programmes i TRUST IN THE LORD I thank God for you Immanuel, i am in South Africa.

  38. Please man of God pray for me for job that I have looking for a long time,which is the job of my papers, and my family in Jesus name Amen

  39. Man God I need a bteakthrough in my life nd in dat of my family too, please I need ur prayers in Jesus Name Amen

  40. Fatmata Pray for me man of God for good health and for my children especially my boys and my entire family back home.

  41. I just want to say thank you, for a allowing God to use you help the world. May the Almighty God give you long life.

  42. good morning sir, how are you man of God happy new year sir. man of God Please pray for me and my child and my family and friend, please sir i want you to pray for me i am in south Africa for many year now, but not thing to show i can not even eat 3 times day i have not see my father or my mother for many year now i really really really miss them for like 12 to 15 years i have not seeing my parent i need to come back home i am a Nigerian my name is Chukwudi obianke

  43. Praise the Lord+Jesus Christ+
    Good evening Father-My name is Michael and my calling u bcoz of an extreme situation – I need your healing prayers to save a grave situation – my nephew is been completely under the powerful influence of a Hindu family – and our only hope is to turn to Jesus who is active in your prayers – who can release my nephew from the power unholy clutches of the said Hindu-Family – who are Tring to get my nephew married to their daughter in civil court (USA). Pls Father we beg u to come to our aid and free my nephew in Jesus name.
    Praise the Lord

  44. God is there.I wonder those who are denying that miracles can happen.I can dee people are healed everyday.May the goodpeople of God keep on preaching his gospel and praying for us

  45. Emmanuel my name is alma backfired lining in the United States in charlotte nc I am a nurse aid preparing for my exam in February I am asking the man of God tb joshua to pray for me that Jesus help me to pass my exam it’s the third time now I just get too words wrong and they fail me I am going back in February for a next exam I know that prophet th joshua and the God of tb joshua will help me to pass in Jesus name amen

  46. I just want to say to prophet th joshua and the prayer team and partners I watch prophet tb joshua all the time on my tablet I sleep with it I wake with it I saw people getting healed my daughter in jamaica get healed in hospital when I send in my prayer request she is healed and now is at home doing good this week I was watching the prophet sending his evangelist to go with those people to bury their mother I told u tears drop from my eyes when I saw that and that’s is the second one I saw the man of God sent and blurry I receive wheeling in my back this week when the man of of God was praying for other people with pain in their back I receive mine too but the one in my rite foot heel not moving the pain is still in the heel of my heel I need to pass my nurse exam in February in Jesus name amen

  47. Man of God, help me to deliver my husband, Edgar Banda he is a womanizer, drunkard, since September last year every weekend he sleep outside. He is in a relationship with a married woman her name is Grace Mbewe. As of now we are on separation and since I left home he didn’t call me he is just staying and continue with his behavior. Man of God I need God’s power to intervene in my situation I believe with your prayer everything will be fine with my marriage, we got married in 2004,October this problem start in 2006 September and he just change women and with this lady now it has come to worst please please Man of God rescue my husband.

  48. Servant R O Sithole, from RSA, I would to thank The Lord Almighty to give this Man of God, He is the one that God is using to confirm the scripture that says, ” nothing is impossible with God. He preaches to encourage people to live a Holy life.He is giving more than one can imagine. He does not judge, He does not criticise others.

    He is a teacher, He is humble, he accept all the people equally. I pray to God to multiplyhim , his family, partners and ministry. Let there red sea that is prohibiting him from South Africa be opened in the name of Jesus.

    If you indeed you need God, follow this Man of God, he will teach you how to behave to come across the mercy and grace if God.


  49. Man of God, my name is Tintswalo Seabe from South Africa.
    Please pray for me to visit SCOAN, I’ve been wanting to visit SCOAN for a long time , I really want to experience the presence of God. and please pray for my family to be delivered from bondage and my grandmother is sick, please pray for her health to be restored. I believe in your God, the God that created everything.

  50. Man of god please pray for restoration inmy finances and my career

  51. I pray in the name of Jesus, God father please help my family from hand of Satan, please prophet TB Joshua my family needs help, in my family we can’t get I.D’s we don’t know why is wrong about the fam no one can help us we can’t work without I.D’s we can’t move on. Please Man of God. my Name is Shadrack Langa but the use to call me Sbusiso but I use my mother’s surname Sithole my mom is from Mozambique and we are born in S.Africa and I have a sick that they can’t help me with. but I believe in the name of Juses Crist, my life now is up set down please please please please help me and my family my mom Rebecca and dhe is not feeling well to, Alex, Lulieta, Cristina , Michael, Nohlanhla, Fabito does are my brothers and sisters I love them with all my heart please God help my family. I put all in the name of God Amen

  52. Praise the Lord, emmanuel! I want to tell happy birthday to emmanuel tv. Since January 2017 that I’m looking constantly this station, my life has changed. Many of my questions I was asking God concerning the spiritual life, has find answer; Thank you Jesus, for giving us such a man. Sunday ‘s messages and the standard of life HAS BEEN A VERY BIG blessings for my spiritual life. Thank you man of God T.B. Joshua; thank you heavenly Father.

  53. Emmanuel , Emmanuel praise the lord , man GOD PLEASE pray I have so many attacks in my life please at night and day , I cant find job , always sick and hear some voices at night , I need also a breakthrough

  54. But immediately after the miracle, I regained my strength, became hungry and demanded for food – food that I had been unable to eat for several days. The incredible became evident not only in her health but also in her home, as God not only restored her body, but also peace and unity.

  55. Am ever praying with tb joshua an he had done a lot of things in my life changing some difficult situation

  56. Emmanuel, Emmanuel my name is Luyce Mrema from Tanzania. Man of God T. B Joshua pray for my father daughter his now changed he don’t want he hear anything about me, he don’t want me anymore, also we have a children of 7 month and half he is not responsible for anything for her child please man of God pray for him. I still love him i still need him,please pray for me man God to return him back to me am suffering a lot man of God please help me. I love him and he knows that i love him that’s why he did this to me but man of God its really hurt when i see my child i cry because i feel sorry for her i love her father and he don’t want me anymore he say he regret to know me please man of God pray for me help me to bring him back to me. In JESUS NAME I PRAY AND BELIEVE IN GOD OF T.B JOSHUA I PRAY AMEN.

  57. Man of God please help me.. My name is Rebeccah Tsamai from South Africa….my marriage is falling apart Man of God…My Husband and I fight all the time…please Pastor He sees me as a witch….my marriage is falling Man of God..Vie seen you helping and healing other people of God ..I believe you can help me too..

  58. Greetings Papa & Mama in the mighty name of Jesus. God is good all the time. I always watch Emmanuel Tv, its true indeed , distance is not a barrier , I always pray with you when you say Viewers must pray. Thanks for all the prayers. I am a South African, I love the Lord whole heartedly. I love it when you say we need Jesus to smile, to stand , to bath and to greet, Wow ! that’s powerful, thank you Jesus for favour upon us. Thank you Papa for always praying with us Viewers, we really appreciated, may God bless you more , in the powerful name of Jesus.

  59. Immanuel, praise the LORD, man of GOD please help me and my wife the love and good relationship between us as husband and wife elapsed, we are having 20 years in our marriage but now we like cats and rats in our marriage. My wife if she started annoyed for something without reasonable it can take several months without talking to each other in our home,she can n’t talk to me as a husband on the other hand to our elder daughter. Please man of GOD help me and my wife and deliver us from this detoriating situation. Man of GOD my wife planned to transfer from the capital City to rural area and left the children alone in home because I am worked far from home, I often visiting them only in holiday and weekend , both of us ‘re military personnel.Please man ofGOD deliver me and my wife ,Thank you Jesus.

  60. Man of God please pray for I was diagnoseg of Cancer last year and undergone achemotherapy the doctor said to me I m healed but now it came back with a CA125 0f 1729. please man of God and there is a yellow fluid in my stomach and my stomach is big

  61. Have mercy on us all, Our God, Jesus Christ, The God of Prophet TB Joshua. Amen.

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